Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms |

It is certain that Marc Ooms (Se rendre sur le site internet has had a pretty beneficial bearing on The Fruit Farm Group in his work with the group. Since the formation of the company, Marc Ooms has assisted in developing it to specialise in the more desirable fruits like bananas and cherries. They make use of about 5,700 hectares, 3,900 of them are selected for the growing of fruit.

Marc Ooms and Greenyard Foods

Greenyard Foods started out life nearly fifty years ago (long before Marc Ooms became a member) as a very modest company. Sustainability and quality are essential to Greenyard Foods’s development strategies. Marc Ooms became a member in 2011 by making the choice to be an engaged and skilled Member of the Board.

Marc Ooms's Education

From the year 1970 to 1974, Marc Ooms worked towards his BSc with the VLEKHO Business School in Brussels. As one of his first steps into the area of advanced education, he went to Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren. Above his scholarly studies, Marc Ooms has discovered a great deal from practical, working experiences.

Witnessing a company in full functionality from a truly young age would probably have influenced Marc Ooms's outlook. At one stage during his profession, he kept a managerial job with a recognised investment organisation. Some time ago, he became an example of one of the very first to get involved with research into the performance of the stock trade in Brussels. Marc Ooms was born into the vegetable and fruits organisation that was owned and run by his father.