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Jean Claude Chalhoub's Education

Interaction with tourists has been a major role in becoming aware of different cultures for Jean Claude Chalhoub ( Great customer relationships, along with understanding, are a couple of significant factors that he has the ability to provide you with due to his language expertise and education. His mother and father happened to come from not one but two diverse cultures and backgrounds. This made it possible for him to adopt and learn both cultures and languages. Jean Claude Chalhoub's learning started in Egypt, where he continued his schooling before going on to study for his economics bachelor's degree in France.

His ability to speak and understand several languages has aided him to understand the dynamics of various markets that the company operates in. Jean Claude Chalhoub has become the heir of his father's and family's business, thanks to his specialised attributes. Members of his family, clients and business partners alike choose to readily co-operate with him, thanks to his impressive communication capabilities and capacity to understand complicated issues. Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with spectacular communications skills; these assist him to establish a good degree of trust amongst the customers with whom he interacts.

Jean Claude Chalhoub as a Business Leader

With his excellent performance history of furthering the development of the company, its success in the years to come is guaranteed. Jean Claude Chalhoub was specially elected by his father to be of assistance with directing the organisation once he had shown his value as an employee. His expertise and adaptability brought Jean Claude Chalhoub the greatest possibility of being chosen for a managerial role. He launched and established numerous other chains of the business, leaving out the group.

Joining the Family Business

The expertise Jean Claude Chalhoub has obtained from the varied roles he has performed in the business has left him with a deep understanding of all elements. Getting useful experience in his family business has provided him with a foundation for achieving excellent results. Jean Claude Chalhoub saw the operations of the organisation and the management techniques of his father on an everyday basis. Starting out as a typical member of staff has uniquely set him up to guide the business to huge success.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Hobbies

Jean Claude Chalhoub is something of a wine lover who also has a passion for antiques; he enjoys collecting both. Horse racing is one of his passions, as is ocean sailing. He also really likes to explore worldwide. Horse racing is one more of Jean Claude Chalhoub's pastimes. To such an extent that, to further indulge his passion, he bought a horse, which takes part in events worldwide. He regularly travels all over the world in order to see and visit its many wonders.